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Shed light on unseen problems

Thermal imaging is an effective way to identify otherwise-unseen faults that exist in distribution panels, switchgear, connections, and fuses. The specialized IR camera produces a detailed image of the object's temperature profile, enabling the thermographer to identify, analyze, and report faults before equipment failure occurs.

Inform maintenance decisions—before problems occur.

By understanding the location and severity of electrical faults, you can make informed equipment maintenance decisions—before major problems occur. Using the IR report information, tasks can be prioritized, preventing unscheduled system shut-downs, costly production losses, power outages, or fires. Our infrared imaging specialists are FLIR Certified (ITC Level I & ITC Level II), as well as licensed electricians. We meet the insurance industry's stringent requirements for training, inspection procedures, and detailed reporting.

Thorough Inspections

IR Inspection

During the on-premesis inspection, the thermographer will gather the data necessary to idenitfy faults. This includes IR & visible images of equipment and electrical connections, current readings, equipment locations & descriptions, and equipment ratings.

The inspection process is most effective when your facility is operating at or near full capacity.

Detailed Reports

IR Report

Our reports turn the data acquired during the inspection (images, electrical current measurements, equipment ratings, etc.) into actionable tasks for your maintenance team. Each report page contains an IR image, a visible image, temperature readings, analysis, fault rating, and recomendation.

Put our experience to work

TremTech has been performing IR thermographic inspections throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI for a wide range of customers and industries since 2011.

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